Colorado 2018 Hammerdown Trail Tour

Hammer down trail tour of Southern Colorado trails near the Breckenridge area. 514 miles and 14 trails in just 5 days wheeling close to 8 hours everyday non stop.

All dressed up nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Winter boredom and getting her ready for a planned wheeling trip to Easter Jeep Safari 2018 and the unofficial, official Friday Flat Fender Run. But......, High blood pressure nixed that, so here it sits. I was tired of the chrome instrument bevels so they, along with the heater and steering column got the olive drab treatment. 

While I had the spray cans out I re-painted the bumpers, tire carrier, winch, frame and rocker guards.

I replaced the fairly heavy steel gear rack and replaced it with a replica WW2 75mm Howitzer shell box and a couple of genuine WW2 30 mm ammo cans. 

I dumped the Powertank air tank in favor of a smaller, lighter air compressor. The Powertank has been great for 18 years but not enough air for 7 days of wheeling in Moab.

The State of Illinois did not like my old beat up license plates so they made me get new ones. Damn nuisance.

Now just waiting for a new wheeling trip.

750,000 You Tube Video Hits

We just reached another milestone with our Moab Rim Trail You Tube video at the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari in my Willys MB.

750,000 plus hits, which I have said before is amazing for having no crashes, no roll overs or wardrobe malfunctions.

14 Year Overhaul - 2015

Fixed a bunch of issues, added a new gas tank and cooling system. Added several photo albums showing modifications and additions.

Route 66 - The American Southwest and the Journey Home

What goes out must come back so after driving Route 66 it was time to drive back home. Here are the highlights.

The PIMA Air & Space Museum and tour of the “Boneyard” - Aerospace Maintenance and regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base - Tucson, Arizona

Titan Cold War Missile Silo Museum

White Sands National Monument and Missile Museum

Very Large Array

Monument Rocks - Kansas

The Strategic Air & Space Museum

Kansas & the Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States 

Route 66 - 2015

Twenty years of dreaming and talking about it, two solid years of planning, hotels and tours booked, itinerary finalized, routes, vehicles all packed and ready to go and the heart goes into spasms, chest tightness, stabbing pains, super high blood pressure, a numb left arm so the wife drags me to the emergency room. Four days later and I am released with a clogged artery and a doctor’s recommendation I not go gallivanting around Alaska and Canada especially on my own.

I ignore the doctors but there is no way I am man enough to argue with the wife who says no.

Now what to do? - My daughter Trista comes to the rescue and says - Hey Dad, how about driving across country on Route 66?

So here is the Route 66 part of the journey. The first seven days is Route 66 with my daughter Trista. Then seven days with the wife and then seven days with myself, me and I.

6,753 miles in 21 days averaging 14.9 mpg. 126 hours and 18 minutes of actual behind the wheel driving time. I could not believe that I had head winds the entire journey. It made no difference which direction I was driving I still had headwinds.

Photos are from Trista’s Facebook blog with a few of mine tossed in.

Trista and the FNJP on Route 66 west of Needles, California

Colorado 2014

Finally uploaded Colorado 2014 pages, pictures and videos. 10 Passes and trails in just 4 days. Mosquito Pass, Weston Pass, Williams Pass, Iron Chest Mine Trail, Half Moon Creek Trail, Pomeroy Lakes Trail, Grizzly Lake Trail, Holy Cross Trail, Hancock Pass, Alpine Tunnel.

Sold the LJ

Sad day but I knew I had to make space as I was just running out of room. The LJ has gone to a good home and I can borrow her anytime I want to.

Arizona & Utah Driveabout posted

This past Easter I enjoyed a 4,000 mile driveabout to Arizona and Utah. I flew into Denver, Colorado to pick up my JK from Trail Jeeps in Golden who had upgraded my front Dana 44 with sleeving, gussets, and stronger knuckles, They also installed dual batteries, and ARB air Compressor, vent lines to the axles, transmission and transfer case and also some miscellaneous electrical items.

I visited Arizona to strike a few items off my bucket list which included the Antelope Canyons, The Toroweap/Tuweap area of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelley, Rainbow Bridge and also managed a couple of other side trips. 

New Willys MB and Monument Valley Videos uploaded - August 2014

1.     Added an I-Phone video of me driving my Willys MB at the Cliff's Insane Terrain Offroad Park.

2.     I took a leisurely drive around Monument Valley late afternoon and suffered traffic jams, dust and vehicles struggling with the rocks and ruts. The next day I was the first to enter the park when the gate opened and managed a high speed drive around. The sunrise did make it a little difficult but was better than the dust from the day before.

3.     My wife Julie goes wheeling in my Willys MB Jeep for the first time at the Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park in Marseilles, Illinois.

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