If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

Update - September 10th, 2006


The new 37" x 13" x 15" Interco Boggers


A mere 3-1/2 years between updates - quite pathetic don't you think but we all move on to different things. Growing families, too much politics in the Two Rivers Jeep Club that just sucks the fun out of your favorite hobby. Road Racing a Shelby Cobra replica has been a ton of fun but tends to use up a lot of available wheeling weekends. Last year the Schultz's decided I needed 37" Boggers and they suddenly appeared on the old Willys. They also decided that 5.13s would stop the engine bogging down in the thick stuff. And guess what? They were absolutely right. Crawling has been redefined.

Nothing else has really happened to the Willys unless you talk about the frame cracking in half behind the rear spring hanger. A minor technical detail according to the Schultz's who had the old buggar welded up and repainted before they told me that it had happened. I repainted the body a couple of times but spray can paint jobs really don't hold up that well, not to mention beating up the body on trees, rocks and mud doesn't do a lot to keep it perfect.

Bottom line here is that since the last write up in 2003, nothing broke (except the frame), it never let me down, it never failed to start or finish a trail. So why fix what isn't broken!!

She’s  getting old

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