1945 Willys MB - (Original)

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This is an original 1945 Willys MB. I say original but the tub is a replica,. The motor and drivetrain are original as is the frame with numbers to show that this Jeep was built somewhere between the 18th and 20th July 1945. The hood numbers should be within plus/minus 3 numbers to be correct.

Since I have owned the Jeep it has been through an extensive mechanical check out. The biggest item was a new rear main seal and steering box rebuild. The brakes are in excellent shape and required no work. It has the original 6 volt system, but the generator had been installed with the incorrect bracketry but this has now been remedied. I added a desert cooling kit because I just like the look and also to keep the motor cooler during parades.

All of the instruments work correctly as do all black out lights. It has 5 combat rims which are in excellent shape. I believe the tires were installed during the restoration in the mid 90s and are in good shape.

The .30 carbine is a metal and wood replica as are the grenades. The .50 cal Ma Deuce replica was manufactured by Iran, Inc.. The body is aluminum and the barrel steel. There are several original parts like the trigger, sights, handles, charging handle and carry handle for added authenticity. The ammo belts are de-milled original cartridges.

1945 Willys MB (Original) Photo Album 001 Restored

1945 Willys MB (Original) Photo Album 002 Restored

1945 Willys MB (Original) Photo Album 003 Restoration Photos

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