Jeep JK Unlimted Rubicon

The JK was ordered in ordered in June through Zscott Chrysler Jeep and 47 days later it was in the hands of American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). They took 34 days to modify and deliver the finished product to me.

I purchased the JK350 package with the Warn 9.5ctis with synthetic winch line, IPF Off Road Lights upgraded with the HID bulbs. I upgraded to the Dual Sport RS suspension and chose the Savegre wheels in Argent. I added the IPF backup light but opted to not use their switch as I think it is ugly and will be installing the SPOD and Source package later. Splash Guards, Rear Corner Guards, Rear diff Slider, Fuel Caddy, Hi-Lift/Pull Pall Mount, Painted Hardtop interior and a Back-up camera complete the list.

AEV called to say the finished JK would be delivered the next day between 7 and 8 pm if I could accept an evening delivery. The JK arrived safe and sound via transport at 7:30 pm as scheduled. The JK was spotless and all the work looked perfect.

The new JK fresh off the delivery truck

Vehicle report as follows:

Ride: Yes, it is as good as stock provided you are in a straight line on a smooth road. Holding 75-80 mph was easy on the several hundred straight, flat road miles on a windless highway. Handling is a different story!! Compared to my last JK with a Teraflex 4-1/2" suspension with 37" BFG MTs it was far, far better, but hitting road ruts on a curve in the mountains the suspension was as sloppy as a French hooker on Bastille Day. This is a vehicle that needs to be driven every second you are behind the wheel when on busy, winding highways, keeping up with traffic and passing semis. It is aerodynamic as a building although having said that there are several buildings I know of that have a more efficient wind coefficient. The ride comfort is night and day different compared to my 2008 JK. The 2014 is a vast improvement.

Driving the very smooth roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway with its thousands of curves and hair pin bends was fantastic. The JK handled as well as the video showed on the race track. The Parkway in a past year had 450 accidents but after installing very effective signs this was reduced to 250 accidents per year. The Parkway is the most visited park in the USA but fortunately it was a very quite week allowing me to maintain a very good average speed for the entire 469 miles but now I have arms like Popeye the sailer man.

The interior noise level is about the same as the 08 but the Hemi did have a nice sound to it. I will install Hothead Headliners before the next trip so the noise level should be greatly reduced.

I was curious as to what my JK weighed so I popped down to the local gravel yard and had it weighed. 5,214 lbs empty but with a full tank of gas.

The brakes are absolute crap and worst I have ever experienced in a new vehicle. They are better than my old JK with a big brake kit but I also have smaller tires now. MY LJ has far better brakes. In fact I did not break a sweat on Black Bear Pass in the LJ but I would hesitate to take this JK on it. They are adequate for most street driving but it doesn't take a lot to push the pedal to the floor which will mean low range first will over power the brakes when you are about to go down obstacles like Nose Dive on Behind The Rocks Trail in Moab.

The new V6 is far, far better than the old 3.8. It doesn't compare to a 5.7 Hemi but the new engine did very well in the Appalachians. I will have to wait and see how it does in the Rockies but for now I am looking for absolute reliability so will keep as much stock as possible.

I will add an sPod and Source system, under hood ARB compressor with Synergy ARB mounting bracket, Tuffy under seat security drawer, JW Speaker Headlights and Fog lights, Uniden 510 CB radio with Firestick antennae and River Raider Breather Hose Extension kit. I will upgrade the front axle shaft housings and will probably go with a dual battery set up also.


Mag Light


Headliner Installed


Head Liner installed


Tuffy Concealed Security Drawer

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