MOAB and the UTAH CANYONLANDS Spring 2008 Part 2

"Roads to Nowhere"

Part 2

The rest of the story. A few days cruising the San Rafael Swell, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Cainville, Temple Mountain and the MK Tunnels.

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Wheeling buddies -- Brit meets Alcohol-Lucent times two, Lichtenstein and Switzerland


Little Wild Horse Canyon


MK Tunnels

Petro glyphs at Buckhorn Draw - Interesting, but I have to think the artists were lousy artists or the people they were drawing were from Mars. The animals depicted are totally disproportionate and the people very odd.



Mountain Dew Trail - Some say they they can't go to the end of the trail unless they have someone to hold their hand, others have more sense and watch.

The road to Molly's Castle



Goblin Valley Sate Park


Mine blocked up                                       Temple Mountain                    Shored up mine entrance   

  The big slide


Hondo Arch                                  Didn't have 4 WD                                Battlements

Temple Mountain - Cruising uranium mines 




         Serious flash flooding                         The Big Muddy                                        Who's driving?                      

The Swiss/Lichtenstein campsite

Now someone made a lot of fun of my new winch rope saying he wouldn't have one on his Jeep but funny how the tune changes when that bit of rope is needed. This was some sticky quicksand and I came close to throwing the hook right through Dave's windshield. I had every warning light illuminated after puling him free. It would have been easier if he were not in the Jeep to reduce the weight of the pull


The Road to Cainville

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