Factory Five Challenge Car

Factory Five Challenge Car - (Shelby Cobra Replica)



2004 National Championship winning car.

Totally spec legal weighing in at 2455 with 175 pound driver and 1/4 tank of gas. The car was weighed on the official scales at the NASA Autobahn Country Club event on July 23rd, 2006. (LF = 548, RF = 540, LR 720, RR 649,  51.3% cross).

The car was built by Marcus Motorsports in 2004 and was used primarily as an HPDE rental car but was driven occasionally in races. I rented this car for several events in 2005 before purchasing it at VIR this January to run the NASA Competition School. It was raced for one day at Blackhawk Farms in April and at the NASA Autobahn event in July, 2006. I drove the car for the Test and Tune day day on Friday to bed in a new clutch and new rear brakes. On Saturday and Sunday it was driven by my son in an HPDE. That's it for 2006! The car has a verifiable log book of races and has a current 2006 annual.

I can't say the car was only driven by a little old lady and only to church on Sundays but I can say it was driven by an old fat man on Saturdays and Sundays with the occasional Friday for luck. The car has never been wrecked or needed paint. It has never been beaten on mercilessly or put away wet. It does have the usual front end chips from anti social race cars that throw up stones and one rather silly gopher that didn't look left before crossing the track, but they are so hard to dodge. There are very few other minor blemishes that can be seen in the photos. The car was mechanically maintained meticulously by Marcus Motorsports and has also been professionally looked after since I have owned it.

The car is currently sitting on a set of Kumho VictoRacer V700s scrubs that are only good for storage. Wheels are in excellent shape. I also have a brand new set of Kumho ECSTA V710s also on an excellent set of like wheels.

The car has the latest G2X Data Acquisition System installed. Go to http://www.g2extreme.com/ for details. The Data logger and antennae are installed in the trunk and the Display on the dash. Comes with all software and instruction manuals. This is  great system that any driver will love. The RPM is not set properly but other drivers on the forum are currently working on this solution.

Driver's seatbelt has been changed to a 6 point Schroth belt specifically designed for the HANS system. Go tohttp://www.schrothracing.com/products/competition/1602 for full details. The belts are black. The original FFR Simpson belts are included. The passenger belts are the standard FFR Simpson 5 point belts.

The front aluminum chin spoiler is beat to death (I thought it would be a good idea to teach my son how to load the car on the trailer - thank goodness he is better on the track - of course he blamed my instructions). I have a brand new one ready to be fitted.













Summit Point, West Virginia - October 2005


Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Illinois - April 2006

Carolina Motorsports Park,  North Carolina - May 2005

Summit Point, West Virginia - October 2005

Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, Illinois - Tornado Season - July 2005

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