The “YOTA"



1987 Toyota Tacoma Truggy

This is a mighty fine truggy capable of conquering just about any trail or obstacle, I have owned  it for about two years and the only thing I have done to it is add beadlock wheels and add a tool box. I really didn’t like the feel of the clutch so I replaced it even though the old one would have worked just fine for a very long time. 

I do not know the true mileage of the engine although it was fully rebuilt by the original owner. It runs strong and starts immediately.

I did not build this vehicle, I purchased it just about how it is today besides the beadlock wheels. It used to reside in Colorado and was built as a rock crawler. It has seen very limited use since I have owned it. It has the cancer theme because two of my family members are suffering from this disease. (My wife also said she didn’t care if I bought another 4X4 so long as it was pink). The Truggy has been stored indoors the entire time I have owned it.

I do have a Colorado title for the Truggy but would not advise driving it on the highway with the Beadlock wheels, full hydraulic steering and the big ass tires.

Build Details

22RE, TRD cam, bored 40 over, ported head,

Stock 1985 transmission 5 speed,,

Dual transfercases with 4.7 in rear case,

Front axle- 1985 Toyota with Longfield 30 spline, Detroit Locker, AllPro Spacers, 4:11 gears,

Rear axle- 1989j Toyota with TG 4340 chromoly axles, TG disc brakes, spool, 4:11 gears.

 AllPro front springs, 

AllPro shock loops, 

AllPro rear springs, 

TG spring hangers with johnny joints, 

Blue Torch crossmember, 

TG diff guards, 

Bilstein long travel shocks, 

TG battery box, 

Exide AGM battery with disconnect, 

Center Force clutch - brand new 2017, 

AllPro Long Spline drive shaft, Warn HS9500i with synthetic rope, 

38.5 TSL Super Swampers, 

Wheels - Allied Rock-a-Thon 36 bolt Beadlocks

115 inch wheelbase, 

LED tail lights, 

MR2 seats, 

Custom exo cage, 

TG full hydro steering, 

TG Six-shooter knuckles, creeper flanges

Only thing not rebuilt or new is the transmission…engine rebuilt by Arrow Machine in Chattanooga, TN, T-Cases rebuilt with new bearings and seals, rear axle rebuilt with new bearings/seals.

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