Willys 2011 - 2013

I have wheeled the LJ, the Sami, the 08 JKU which I got tired of due it’s large size and unreliability, bought a new American Expedition’s 2014 JKU but I still wheel the Willys whenever I can. This is usually at the Cliff’s Insane Terrain Off Road Park which is about one hour from my home and the only place to wheel in Illinois.

The Cliff’s is a gnarly park with trails that are rarely groomed or improved. I drive the Willys in the summer and the Samurai in the Winter.

Over the last few years I have replaced the transmission, re-built the transfer case, replaced the shifter forks, replaced 3 front driveshafts, broken several front axles and knocked the steering out of alignment a few times and snapped the Pitman Arm. Not bad for 12 years of wheeling.

15 year overhaul 2015

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