Route 66 - 2015

Twenty years of dreaming and talking about it, two solid years of planning, hotels and tours booked, itinerary finalized, routes, vehicles all packed and ready to go and the heart goes into spasms, chest tightness, stabbing pains, super high blood pressure, a numb left arm so the wife drags me to the emergency room. Four days later and I am released with a clogged artery and a doctor’s recommendation I not go gallivanting around Alaska and Canada especially on my own.

I ignore the doctors but there is no way I am man enough to argue with the wife who says no.

Now what to do? - My daughter Trista comes to the rescue and says - Hey Dad, how about driving across country on Route 66?

So here is the Route 66 part of the journey. The first seven days is Route 66 with my daughter Trista. Then seven days with the wife and then seven days with myself, me and I.

6,753 miles in 21 days averaging 14.9 mpg. 126 hours and 18 minutes of actual behind the wheel driving time. I could not believe that I had head winds the entire journey. It made no difference which direction I was driving I still had headwinds.

Photos are from Trista’s Facebook blog with a few of mine tossed in.

Trista and the FNJP on Route 66 west of Needles, California

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