2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 

SOLD - To a great new owner and avid wheeler. She is in good hands and will be modified to her new owners ideas and preferences. We took her on a shake down driveabout to Colorado and hit 10 trails in 4 days including Holy Cross Trail.

I bought the LJ in Breckenridge, drove it over eight of the highest through mountain passes in Colorado on the way home. Modified it, drove it back to Colorado, flew home for a wedding, flew back and drove through Moab to Blanding, Hanksville, and Green River, Utah for another 1000 plus miles of wild and crazy adventures in the desert and Canyonlands with Dave C.

I noticed with my old TJ and this LJ that they are the only vehicles that I never even got a twinge of a back ache while driving. There are many other things about driving Jeeps to aggravate you but back pains aren’t one of them. The wind noise, the resonating exhaust, the aerodynamic design of a house brick and being so gutless that it struggles to get out of its own way.  Being passed on every incline by little old men pushing  wheelbarrows, hippies in a VW bus and a station wagon full of nuns to name a few.

 I had been looking for a red Rubicon Unlimited for many months. The wife and daughters absolutely insisted it be red so the search was not easy. The choice was limited to a 2005 or 2006 model as that was the only years for the Unlimited. I found one in Texas but the dealer couldn’t find the hard top, another in Michigan but his wife’s lawyer blocked the sale, another on Long Island but I was too slow and it got sold. Yet another in Colorado that was actually already sold and my salesman didn’t know it. It was another month before another red Rubi LJ appeared on the market. I was checking Craig’s list, Auto Trader which was the best source, E-Bay and several other on-line classifieds on a daily basis throughout  the country. The one I purchased was for sale in Breckenridge, Colorado by a real estate broker. I called within minutes of it appearing on-line. I made an offer and wire transferred a deposit within the hour. Two days later I flew to Colorado and met the LJ for the first time.

In less than an hour I was headed back to I-70 and home but Dave gave me lousy directions and I headed south by mistake. Thirteen miles later I am at Alma Junction and my GPS is pointing out the start of Mosquito Pass Trail. I had to check that the four wheel drive system and lockers worked so what the heck. The Mosquito Pass Trail is the highest pass road in Colorado open to travel. It is not a hard four wheel drive pass but there are parts that need good ground clearance with several of the climbs and descents quite steep. 

The LJ now has a 4-1/2 Rubicon Express Tri-link lift, stock Dana 44s with 4.88 gears and stock lockers.Warn bumpers front and rear with a warn winh up front. Full cage with soft and hard tops. Two sets of wheels and tires. BFG All Terains on stock wheels ans 35” BFG Mud Terrains on Mickey Thompsen simulated bead locks with real Staun Beadlocks installed.


Since 2006 the LJ has travelled a fair number of off road miles. Moab 3 times, the San Juans twice and a bunch of other trails in between. Now at the end of 2013 it has just turned 40,000 miles. 

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