The Frame

The frame went from a rusty hulk to ready for the body in a mere 101 easy steps. Eighty three of those steps involved re-reading the POR-15 instructions trying to find out just how you remove this wonderful product from bare skin.


Before POR 15


After POR 15

Prior to its return North,  John Installed Currie 4" Jeep YJ springs to the frame. The fronts were installed outboard of the frame for better, ride, handling and articulation. An AGR super pump was also installed. The Dana 44s were temporally re-installed. The wheelbase is now 83" compared to 80" of a standard flatfender. The steering inadequacies were not addressed at this time.

Next up was sandblasting, welding of the new body tub mounts and removal of any rust and the addition of a new plate on the rear of the frame for the rear body tub mounts. The frame was treated to 3 coats of POR-15. A mighty fine rust preventative treatment that is brushed on and self levels to a very smooth and attractive finish. If POR-15 gets on the skin it needs to be removed with lacquer thinner immediately. Otherwise it is there until the skin dies and falls off, usually in about seven days. You look pretty silly with black stuff all over. Not to mention the same silly question you get asked - how did you get driveway sealer all over you.


This photo shows the front 4" YJ springs mounted outboard of the frame


The frame remained on the trailer for several months for most of the work.


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