Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Moab, Utah

Just returned from a very unique Easter Jeep Safari with Bronchitis  Pneumonia and a torn Achilles Tendon. Needless to say we did not complete the planned trails and the new video on Golden Spike. However the weather was fantastic, the trails we ran were fun and we still had a mighty fine time.

We did spend 2 hours replacing the front shock bushings which should have taken 5 minutes. Many thanks to the guys at Moab Motorsports LLC for their fantastic service in pressing in the new bushings and finding said bushings in their spare parts pile.

Tow rig is a 5.7 litre Hemi powered Jeep Grand Cherokee pulling a FeatherLite trailer. Jeep did a fantastic job towing with it’s 8 speed transmission. Normal trans temp is 197 degrees but it never exceeded 204 degrees even over the Colorado mountains. Trailer weighs around 1,200 pounds and the Willys just shy of 3,000 pounds.

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Obligatory shake down run up the Schafer Trail and back to Moab via Long Canyon

Mine’s bigger than yours!!!  Oh yes it was. I’m parked in from of Big Willys of SEMA and Burning Man fame. I think he had 54” tires and damn it was huge.

Brad hanging out with the late Jesse Combs.

Maxxis Tire’s buggy at the trade show.

Trail Leader extraordinaire Dave C from Illinois wearing out another Jeep.

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Hanging out with Dave Christensen - Trail leader on Moab Rim Trail.

IMG 1675

The unofficial Flat Fender Friday Fun Run with 52 other Flat Fenders. Sadly with so many Jeeps and several break downs we only competed half of the trail but that half was certainly great fun even though Brad had to do the driving (poor guy) because of my Pneumonia, drugs and inability to breath.

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Kane’s flat Fender showing that you don’t have to spend $75,000 on a rear steer buggy to make it look easy on Potato Salad Hill.

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Sunday we took a leisurely trail called Seven Mile Rim. We hung out with Dave Christensen and several other EJS guides and ended the day with apricot schnapps and ATB warm beers.

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