Canyon de Chelley

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

On April 1st 2014 the Navajo Tribal Council decided that no private vehicles would be allowed into the monument. My pre-paid drive/tour was cancelled and I was driven around by a Navajo tour guide in a Dodge truck.

The canyon is rich in history and if you are big into ancient Indian ruins and Petroglyphs then this canyon is for you. The tour was stupidly overpriced and not that good. The canyon was beautiful but there are plenty just as good in the southwest. It would have been a ton of fun to explore on my own in my own Jeep but alas this is now a thing of the past.

The North and South rim drives are free and offer many overlooks into the monument. 

I wanted to know why after 2,500 years the indians couldn't find a single artist that could draw better than stick figures or stick animals. I also wanted know why these first native Americans who travelled all the way from Canada couldn't find a better place to settle. After all there are some pretty nice spots on the way south and to end up in such a dry fairly lifeless canyon is a bit odd to me.

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