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Update - August 9th, 2010


The last time I updated this page was July 7th, 2010. A fair bit of water has travelled under the bridge since then. I didn't do much wheeling for awhile. I thought it would be fun to become an amateur race car driver but I didn't do so well and had a nasty crash at Road America in Wisconsin that took the wind out of the sails so it was back to wheeling the Willys. 

I taught my daughter to drive off-road and my son continues to have a blast down at the local off-road park. My daughter has absconded with the red Rubicon and now calls it her "Boy Magnet". Just what a father needs to hear. My POS JK continues breaks every time I drive it so when we started planning for the Easter Jeep Safari 2010 it was decided to take the Willys and also have the JK for the longer, less strenuous trails.

I had some new gears placed in the Dana 20 Transfer Case. Now I have a whopping 3.15-1 instead of the less then desirable 2.4-1. The case had to be clearanced to accept the Tera kit as it was designed for a manual gearbox only. A lot of aluminum had to ground out before it all fit. But damn, what a difference!!! Why I didn't do this 10 years ago I don't know. It has absolutely transformed the old bugger.  Wheeling is now even better, she climbs effortless and descents with the confidence of a mountain goat. I cannot believe I was considering getting rid of her. 

I have had as much fun wheeling as I did at the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The Willys MB performed flawlessly. 

The sand hill Moab Rim

IMG 3773

One of the many tubs on Hells Revenge

The Dome on Moab Rim

Base of the sand hill on Moab Rim


There is no way this Willys is going anywhere. When I am no longer cabable of driving it I will park in my garage and just look at it like a fine painting.

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