Extra Seat Room

How do you get a quart into a pint pot?


How do you get a 6 foot person into a vehicle that was designed for someone 5'6"?

 Well you gotta do a little cutting - then a little welding - then a little grinding - then a little primer - then a little painting and guess what - you get to move the seats back 6 inches.

This is the theory that John Toumbs of John Toumbs Repair came up with. I had heard about it but not actually seen it done. So good old John just went and did it.

Seat well 004

This is what a stock MB tub would like like. I am not using the stock seats or stock seat frames. My seats are bolted to bars that are connected to the roll cage and frame.


These pictures shows very roughly where you would make the cuts. You would cut out a triangular section. Using the cut out material you box in the wheel well.


The tub was not designed for 35" tires and so the tire is rubbing a little bit  on the original corner. A little more grinding, welding, primer and paint should cure the problem. All these processes are trial and error. It usually takes off-road field tests to check things out thoroughly.


 Bottom line here is right in line with bottom comfort. They say the mind can endure only as much as the rear can endure. If anyone thinks they shouldn't buy a flatfender because of the lack of leg room then think again. This is a relatively simple way to get a few extra, very needed inches of comfort.

Blocker and Tanker go to work

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