Moab - Day 2  Shafer Trail

Shafer Trail, Dead Horse and Long Canyon


Dead Horse Point is at the very top of the butte in the left picture and on the right we are looking down at the trail where we took the picture on the left.

The book says that Cowboys many moons ago herded wild mustangs across the narrow neck of land and onto the top of the point. They took the good ones and left the ones they didn't want to die of thirst in their corrals while looking at the endless supply of water 2000 foot below in the Colorado River. The other Dave story is that a traveler got lost with a bunch of whores from back East. They ran out of food so the  trail boss went to get food but when he got back the whores were dead from the cold.




The 4 pictures above are part of the White Rim Trail. Over 100 miles of this!!! What possessed me to walk on Musselman Arch I do not know. It was one heck of a drop.


The Shafer trail - Where we are going on the left - Looking back from the start of the switchbacks on the right


The Shafer Trail switchbacks - Rated "Easy" in the guide book - Bullshit is what I say. The trail started at 4473 feet to the bottom of the switchbacks at 5009 feet to 5660 feet to were the trail joins the dirt road up to 6147 at the top.

Crikey Dave, I think the little bastard is going to slither up your trouser leg. I don't like snakes, especially Rattlesnakes. I didn't even get out of the Jeep.


This is Long Canyon - only two photos but one of my favorite trails. Big chunk of rock fell onto the road!!

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