Pomeroy Lakes Trail

This is a great 4 mile trail that offers a little bit of everything -- rocky challenges, fantastic scenery, Colorado history, and of course Chrysolite Mountain where the Mary Murphy Mine resides. The road to the mine is narrow, and it eventually opens up above timberline to a narrow shelf  that cuts across the mountain road to the mine at above 12,000 feet. It was here that Dave and Mark got a little too adventurous and nearly ended rubber side up. It was here I performed my Martin baker ejection seat impression and bailed out just as Dave’s wheels went over the edge. Luckily all ended well. No harm, no foul and a good story.

The Pomeroy Lakes

Illinois Flatmanders at the Pomeroy Lakes

Heading back down

Heading up to the Mary Murphy Mine

Dave at the Mary Murphy Mine

View from the Mary Murphy Mine

Tailings at the Mary Murphy Mine

Ugly guy on the left - Handsome guy on the right 

Hard to believe that little off shoot could cause so much trouble

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